About this course

Want to kick-start your career within the visual effects (VFX) industry? With no prior experience necessary, this 3D for Visual Effects(VFX) course is the perfect foundation for those with no skills in, but still passionate about VFX. Throughout this course, you’ll learn key techniques such as modelling, texturing, lighting and shading and much more. Through intensive hands-on projects and problem-solving challenges, you’ll learn the latest 3D software and techniques required by industry.

What to expect

Autodesk Maya is used to create everything from the fantastic effects you see in Hollywood movies to the animation in major games. Through step-by- step training and genuine production examples, we’ll introduce you to Maya’s capability, workflows and interface, as well as the key 3D techniques you’ll need to become a 3D professional.

After completing 3D Foundation, you’ll be eligible to advance your 3D skills and enroll on our 3D for Visual Effects (VFX) course.

Our Faculties are top industry professionals, so you’ll be taught by the best in the business whether you’re a student or a graduate 3D artist preparing for the job, or from a creative or technical background, keen to change career and get into Animation and VFX.


Cstop Animation Academy is Mysuru's leading Animation and VFX academy. We leaped into life in 2007, to solve the industry’s lack of educated, studio-ready animation and VFX talent. Since then, over 3,000 students have successfully completed their course from Cstop Animation Academy, going on to build successful careers spanning the whole Animation and VFX Industry. Our intensive and fiercely dedicated approach and professional studio experience that trains Animation and VFX professionals to the latest industry standards.


  • Introduction to Maya
  • The user interface
  • Introduction to modelling
  • Polygonal modelling
  • Colour and Lighting – traditional cinematographic and photographic techniques
  • Advanced lighting
  • Hypershade
  • Camera projection mapping
  • Maya nodes
  • Texturing and Surface Techniques
  • Render Layers and Compositing
  • Animation and Rigging